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Data Privacy


Martlesham Community Hall is committed to respecting your privacy. We do need to collect personal information (personal data) from you when your interact with us, to help us serve you and to administer our facilities and organisation.

Personal data can be held and used (‘processed’) on computers, laptops and mobile devices, or on paper. It includes recordings made of individuals (photo images and video/audio recordings).

Our Data Privacy Notice below explains how we comply with data protection law and regulations and what your rights are. The main areas covered are:

  • Describing what personal data we may collect from you when you interact with us. This includes when you use our facilities and our website.
  • Listing how we use your personal data. Currently we only hold and process personal data needed to administer our facilities and organisation.
  • Telling you about who we may disclose your personal data to (both with and without your consent). 
  • Telling you that your data may be processed and stored outside the UK/EU/EEA where personal data protection levels may be different. Committing to take reasonable steps to make sure safeguards are in place, to secure your personal data to the level of UK law and regulation.
  • Telling you how long we keep your personal data for and for what reasons.
  • Highlighting your responsibilities to update us with any changes to your personal data.
  • Summarising your rights relating to your personal data we hold.
  • Highlighting that our Data Privacy Notice is a general summary of our responsibilities and your legal rights only. Confirming that we will let you know about any significant changes to the Notice.

The Notice contains some items of data we may need to hold on you in the future, but we don’t hold currently. For instance, we don’t operate any CCTV security systems at present, but the Notice does cover this possibility. Note: The car park CCTV system is operated by Martlesham Parish Council, who have their own Data Privacy Notice and personal data responsibilities.

Our Data Privacy Notice

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