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Richards Room Projector & PA System


We’ve installed a high spec. versatile Epson projector. It’s suspended from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

Its key features are:

  • Ultra-bright image: you can use it with the room lighting on 
  • HD and widescreen image (16:9)
  • Easy wireless operation – using the Epson iProjection app (a free download for laptop PCs, tablets and smartphones) and Wi-Fi.
  • Easy wired operation  – with automatic input selection (using HDMI or VGA + audio jack wall sockets)

The projector projects onto a large pull-down screen. If your presentation or video has audio clips or a soundtrack, they’ll be played using the PA loudspeakers on either side of the screen – see Sound System below.

Sound System

We’ve installed a versatile stereo PA amplifier, together with wall-mounted speakers. The amplifier has a number of inputs you can select, including:

  • A permanent connection from the projector, for presentations and video recording sound
  • A Bluetooth connection: for audio from laptop PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Memory card/memory stick sockets – for digital audio tracks (MP3)
  • Microphone connectors – for wired and wireless microphones


There are basic instructions for using the projector and PA system next to the PA amplifier cabinet on the stage. You can also download the instructions here.

If you want further help or advice please contact Ian Read, our Chairman. Ian will be pleased to advise you and/or demonstrate the equipment.

You can contact Ian via our Contact Form – select the Message For/Re: ’Technical Advice’ option. If you want to talk, please make sure you include a phone number.