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Hiring and Rates

We’ll be introducing new hire rates and hire categories for all hires from 1 April 2023.
This page will be updated at that time.
Meanwhile you can find out about the new rates and categories in our latest news post.

Hirer Categories

ParishionerNon-Parishioner Regular HirerParty Rate 
includes Parishioner, Community Service Classes, Amateur Rehearsals, Charity Event includes Trade Fairs, Business, Promotions20 – 30% discount from Parishioner RateIf Party Rate is charged for an evening, the Parishioners rate applies for any associated
morning and afternoon sessions. 

Session Times

Setting-up and cleaning-up time included.

CategoryCommunity HallRichards Room
Morning08:45 – 12:4508:45 – 12:45
Afternoon13:30 – 17:3013:30 – 17:30
Evening18:30 – 23:4518:30 – 23:45


Note: Party Rates are always charged for Saturday Evening hires.

CategoryCommunity HallRichards Room
Party Rate – Regular *£85£55
Party Rate – Children to 10 years£55£40
Party Rate – Children/Adults over 10 years£170£90
* = max. two parties every six months


At Booking Secretary’s discretion, depending on risk factors.

Low RiskNo Deposit
Medium Risk1 x Hire Fee
High Risk2 x Hire Fee
Very High Risk3 x Hire Fee
Deposit returned after Hire – less any damage repair/replacement, excessive waste disposal or other costs